Congratulations, William!

Our Grade 12 student, William, has been accepted to a few universities! He has been accepted to the following as far: University of Toronto Mississauga: Life Sciences with two scholarships: President’s Scholar of Excellence for $15000 and Principal’s

Top 5 Benefits of Smaller Class Sizes in Ontario

At King’s College, a cornerstone of our educational philosophy is the belief in the profound impact of smaller class sizes on the learning experience. This approach is not merely a preference but a pedagogically driven decision supported by extensive

Congratulations, Harekam & Miguel!

Congratulations to two of our senior students, Harekam & Miguel, on getting accepted into the SHAD Canada program! Shad Canada is a STEAM and entrepreneurship program that accepts students with high aptitudes for risk taking, curiosity, excellence and

Egg Drop!

The Grade 11 Physics class hosted an EGG DROP yesterday! They each designed and built something to protect their egg from cracking when hitting the ground. The whole school came out to watch as Mr. Dinnick dropped their design from different heights to

How to Choose a School for Your Child in Canada

Selecting an appropriate school for your child in Canada is more than a decision; it’s an investment in their future. The Canadian educational landscape boasts a rich diversity of options, catering to different learning styles and developmental needs.

5 Key Benefits of Private Schools in Canada

In Canada, private schools are becoming increasingly popular among parents seeking the best education for their children. While public schools offer adequate education, many parents are drawn to the unique benefits of private school education. These benefits


This past Saturday, our Parents’ Association put on a very successful event, Hogwarts in Caledon! It was the ultimate family-friendly event where potions were crafter, spellcasting was practiced & Quidditch games were enjoyed! Harry Potter was in


The grade 2-7’s took a trip to the Science Centre where they explored all things science! We even got to go into a space simulator to land a ship on Mars and learn more about simple machines! What a fun day had by

Congratulations, Chase! 

As we get closer to the end of the school year, more of our Grade 12 students have decided where they are taking their next steps! Chase has accepted his offer to University of Toronto for a Bachelor of Applied Science! Chase was also recognized as a