Two Convenient Payment Options to Choose From

Our private school tuition fees vary according to the payment plan selected. There is a one-time Entrance Fee of $1000 per family.

We also offer a Bursary program to support some of the cost of tuition. 

Payment plans are as follows:

Option #1 – One Payment – $19,500.00

On Admission – $19,500.00

One payment due on admission.

Option #2 – Four Equal Payments – $20,000.00

On Admission –  $5,000.00

Four equal payments of $5,000.00. One payment due on admission, the remaining payments dated and due every month for the next three months thereafter.

Families currently receiving a bursary must apply for a new bursary for the upcoming school year through Apple Financial (

Private school tuition fees for families with more than one child enrolled at the school.

  • For the private school tuition fee of a second child within a family, please subtract 10% from the chosen option.
  • For the private school tuition fee of the third and subsequent children within a family, please subtract 15% from the chosen option.

We recommend approximately $3000 per student to cover the following items:

  • Textbooks
  • Uniforms
  • Outings
  • Activities

Please note that, regardless of the option chosen, all cheques, both current and postdated, are to be included with enrollment forms.