Firsthand accounts of the school experience

Students and parents share their thoughts, impressions and memories of King’s College School.


“During my time at King’s College School, one of the most important lessons I learned is never to be afraid to be yourself. I am always impressed that the students at King’s College School are all so unique and different. This has allowed me to open up and really discover who I am as a person. So many people change to fit in with certain crowds and hide who they are underneath, and I never had to do that at King’s College School. I have grown into being my own person.” — Todd

“If you want to go to university, this is the perfect school!” — Cody

“Unlike most other schools, whether elementary or secondary, there are no cliques, no ageism, and certainly no bullying. At King’s College School we know each other very well, and we treat each other with respect no matter what differences we might have. For example, it would not be out of the ordinary for a grade 3 to choose to sit with the grade 12s for lunch or vice versa. We will always be there for our fellow students and teachers no matter what.” — Katelyn

“I joined King’s College School because I wanted a school that would allow me to learn at my own pace. I have always felt that learning should be the one thing without boundaries, and King’s College School was able to provide that to me. I loved waking up and knowing that, no matter what my ideas were, the staff would be willing to listen and help to accommodate me. Every single staff member at King’s College School always had both student success and growth as their number one priority.” — Matthew

“I have enjoyed being a part of the King’s family for the last 7 years. King’s has given me the confidence to stand up for myself and put myself out there for others to see. King’s has provided me with the opportunity to work ahead and take initiative for my learning.— Chioke

I started King’s in Grade 3 and have learned a lot about myself over the last 10 years.  King’s has pushed me to challenge myself and think outside the box. Learning has been fun and creative.  King’s has taught me to: invest in myself, take advantage of the opportunities that come my way, and to work hard for what you want!— Ben


Enrolling Katelyn at King’s College School was probably the smartest thing we could ever have done for her. We highly recommend King’s College School to all parents looking for an environment that will truly provide your son or daughter with a university preparatory education and a nurturing environment free of peer pressure and outside distractions. — Mark & Rhonda

“What are three things we love about King’s College School? King’s College School empowers each child to set, attain and succeed at their goals. It promotes a strong culture of contributing back and the parents also become part of the King’s College School family.” — Susan

“I love that the kids are responsible for their own actions and are encouraged to set high expectations for themselves. The individual attention that they get because of the small class sizes has helped both of my children to excel. I also love the feeling that we are part of a big family and that the teachers and staff genuinely care.” — Georgina

“When we considered leaving Toronto and moving north, a major consideration was to find a great school for our daughter. We were delighted to find King’s College School, where our daughter, who is in grade 6, is accomplishing great results and is very happy. What struck us as special about King’s College School is the philosophy that we all have greatness inside of us, and young people need the guidance to discover their own dreams and hold themselves accountable – with the right support – to achieve personal magnificence. The school is not just teaching, but cementing life skills which will carry the kids forward throughout life – not just in university but also into successful relationships and careers. Our daughter loves the school because she can work at her own pace, and because the small classes and the small school population feels like one big family.” — Randah

“I no longer worry about school. This is an incredible relief.” — Dianah

“My son now goes happily to school and has finally found the challenge that he was looking for. I have such peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to worry about his schooling anymore.” — Sandra

“King’s College School provides students with excellent preparation for the transition to university academics. I am confident that the personal and academic development that King’s College School fosters in its students will allow them to meet the challenges of university life successfully. Also, this school provides wonderful flexibility for students who participate in competitive sports/activities outside of the classroom. All of these reasons combined create a learning environment that puts students on the right track for success.” — Nives

“I just want to mention again how successful the ‘Classes At Home‘ learning has been for my son and daughter. It was seamless and we are all very pleased. Thank you to you and all the staff!!”Angie

“King’s did an outstanding job maintaining a seamless education.  My kids didn’t miss a beat.”  — Parent May 2020