Flexible Learning Program

Learn the way that’s right for you, your schedule, your location, your life

Z4 Empowered Learning, the teaching methodology at King’s College School, was developed to be delivered unhindered whether in person or at a distance. That’s why it is so conducive to our flexible learning program.

What is Flexible Learning?

Our flexible learning program gives students in grades 2-12 the option to attend classes at King’s College School on campus, virtually or via a combination of both (i.e. hybrid learning).

Proven to Work

Flexible learning has proven successful for King’s College School students; first, for many years, with our traveling students (e.g. elite athletes) and more recently as our entire student body has risen to the challenges presented during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Three Learning Options

  • On-Campus Learning (Full-time, grades 2-12)

    • Delivered at our Caledon campus
    • One-on-one attention in small class setting (average of 12 students/class)
    • Weekly progression reports, keeping students accountable and allowing for them and their parents to monitor their progress
    • Access to experts and courses virtually to enhance school experience
    • Can switch to full-time virtual (if on-campus is not possible due to government mandate)



  • Virtual Learning (Full-time, grades 2-12)

    • Full-time equals 5 hours/day of scheduled synchronous classes (live with a teacher in small class setting) following a regular timetable, including breaks and with attendance kept
    • King’s College School relieves parents of the burden of being a teacher and disciplinarian; we believe the job of parents is to love, encourage and support students and the school’s job is to teach, enable and mentor students
    • Relevant online forums, discussion and feedback
    • Technical support
    • Community building, bonding and encouraging school spirit, facilitated through Spirit Days, team building activities and other online social initiatives
    • Weekly progression reports, keeping students accountable and allowing for them and their parents to monitor their progress


    “I spoke with our paediatrician recently explaining how the teachers at your school know and understand each of the children personally and at a level they will not get most places. That is especially remarkable because our children are in the online school. One would not imagine this to be true online, but it is. This is not an easy task – one should not take these amazing qualities lightly. We appreciate them very much!”
    Dr. And Mrs. P. – North Bay, Ontario



  • Hybrid Learning (Full-time, grades 2-12)

    • Adaptable to each student’s and family’s individual situation
    • Delivered seamlessly on campus and virtually
    • Student would attend on campus some days and work virtually from home on other days as the family wishes



A High-Quality Education

No matter which learning option your child enrolls in at King’s College School, the end result will be the same: an exceptional educational experience.

At King’s College School we take pride in providing a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment where both elementary and secondary students thrive and cultivate a life-long passion for learning.

All curriculum requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education are covered and we are inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

But our commitment to your child goes beyond academics.

Our mandate is to assist them in growing both socially and emotionally as well.

We do this by helping them develop ownership of their own learning, as well as advanced personal skills such as self-discipline, responsibility, accountability, time management, project management, leadership, and self-reflection.

As they progress through the secondary grades, we foster their communication skills readying them for university, work and beyond: skills such as essay writing, seminar leadership, presenting and public speaking. We also work with students to build a social contribution portfolio that will give them the best chance to gain acceptance into elite university programs.

Whether your child is most comfortable learning on campus, virtually or in a hybrid scenario, you can trust that even though the delivery method may be different, the high standard of education they receive will be the same. King’s is a place where students can Learn More, Do More, Be More and Make a Wonderful Difference.