6 Key Advantages of Online Learning for Students – The Benefits of Virtual School

The COVID-19 pandemic has left our community with split opinions on online learning, as students have adapted to a new method of learning. While many students are now back in their physical classrooms, some parents and their children prefer the virtual learning option, as it may complement their lifestyle.

While there are benefits to both online and in-person learning, we will focus on the advantages of online learning for students and why it can be beneficial for some students in particular. Online learning provides numerous benefits to children who have unique lifestyles, such as traveling families, high-level athletes, and those who are searching for a different level or style of education that is not accessible in their local area. The following benefits are advantageous to people with these lifestyles, and they may be for yours as well.

The Advantages of Online Learning for Students

  1. Reach 

Online learning allows students to learn from anywhere, as long as their schedule allows them to attend classes during proper times. This flexibility makes it possible for families to travel while still attending classes, and it brings together students who would have not met otherwise. Whether students are in elementary or high school, they can attend daily classes, interact with students from across the country or even in different countries, and make friends along the way. Many online learning schools and programs have spirit days, school events, and other community-building activities, just like a physical school would. Students receive the full school experience while reaping the other benefits of online learning.

  1. Free Time

Who doesn’t want a few extra hours to do their favourite hobbies, spend time with family/friends, or just relax? One of the most significant advantages of online learning for students is the fact that classes take up a smaller amount of your day. Depending on the school, classes can range from 4 to 6 hours, with regular breaks included, as well as a lunch break. Traveling to and from school can also absorb time for both parents and children. All of these factors can save students 1-2 hours per day, which could be used to play sports, go outside with friends, or spend quality time with family. For students in online high school, the extra time could be put towards a part-time job or volunteering to build their resume.. Online learning provides students with a perfect school-life balance that could not otherwise be achieved.

  1. Collaboration

Online school is commonly thought to be isolating for students, but it is quite the opposite in many cases. Students in online courses frequently collaborate with other students in group projects and discussion meetings. These collaborative activities can be held through video conferencing, live messaging, or discussion boards, which all have their purposes. Modern technology has allowed virtual school programs to easily emulate the collaboration that is possible in a physical classroom, which some children prefer. 

  1. Close-Knit Learning

Some students are distracted by the loud noise and busy atmosphere in a physical classroom. With virtual learning, distractions are removed and students can learn where they find it most peaceful. Most online classes consist of a small group of students, who all have an opportunity to participate equally. Students also get one-on-one time with their teachers which can clear up any questions and keep everyone up to speed with course materials. Students get feedback from teachers promptly due to the smaller class sizes, as well as some work being graded automatically by electronic means. 

  1. Learning-Style Based Teaching

As mentioned previously, online learning includes plenty of one-on-one time with teachers, since they have more time for each student individually. Teachers can adjust the way they teach to suit children’s learning styles. Additionally, hands-on learning is still possible in virtual schooling with interactive programs where students can see and move elements on their screens. Progression for all students can be monitored through an online learning profile, and it is common that weekly progression reports are given. This keeps students accountable for their schoolwork and allows parents to monitor their progress. No matter your learning style, if virtual learning suits your lifestyle, it can work for you or your children. 

  1. Less Stress

Keeping stress levels low is extremely important to a student’s progression and overall happiness in school. A key advantage of online learning for students is that they get to learn where they are most comfortable, and for many, that is at home. It’s easier for many to concentrate on the unit they’re learning, or simply listen while an instructor is teaching their lesson. Students can also still attend classes while feeling under the weather, eliminating the stress of missing coursework and having to catch up.

Parents will also feel less stressed with online learning, as there’s no commute to school and back every day for their children. It’s as simple as opening their laptop or turning on their desktop computer! Most students attending virtual school can attend classes with no supervision required, which makes parents’ lives much easier.

Who The Advantages Apply To

There are a number of students for whom online schooling is the better option for their lifestyle, or they may simply prefer online learning. These select groups of students benefit majorly from virtual programs. 

Elite Athletes

Athletes live some of the busiest lives, with sports practices, games, social life, and school work mixed in. They have tight schedules, so any extra free time and flexibility would benefit them greatly. Online learning allows athletes to sleep in later, which allows their bodies to recover and therefore perform better on game day. Additionally, they can bring their laptop to competitions or tournaments, and do school work when it works best for them. The flexibility of virtual schooling allows athletes to work ahead and change when evaluations are done, instead of playing catch-up when they return home. 

Those Seeking Different or Better Education

Some children live in places where they already have a strong social network that they wouldn’t want to move away from but may not have access to the type of education they are looking for, such as private school education. Online schooling allows families seeking this type of education to participate from anywhere that aligns with class schedules. This flexibility opens up a window of opportunity for thousands of children that previously did not have the opportunity to attend. 

Travelling Families

There are many benefits of international travel for youth which enrich their lives and provide them with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Now, it’s possible to experience this while learning and earning your educational diplomas! Some families prefer to stay in Canada for certain months of the year and travel as well. With online learning, students can attend class and complete their work from anywhere and enjoy their surroundings in their many hours of free time. 

Is Online Learning Right for Your Child?

Deciding whether or not to enroll your child in online learning instead of traditional learning boils down to the preference of your child and the lifestyle that they live. A student who prefers less distraction and more engagement with teachers will do well in a virtual environment. The advantages of online learning for students are extensive for the right type of lifestyle. 

At King’s College School, we offer synchronous online learning programs which nurture and provide children with the highest quality of education from grades 2 to 12. Students are welcome to join our program at any time of the year. Visit our website and get in touch to learn more about our innovative, full-time online learning programs. If online schooling isn’t the right fit, King’s College School also offers on-campus and hybrid options. No matter which learning option your child enrolls in at King’s College School, the end result will be the same: an exceptional educational experience.