Classes at Home

March Break this year was a busy one for the staff of King’s as we pivoted, in response to the school closures due to COVID-19, to offering all of King’s classes virtually.  The Monday after March Break, King’s began Classes at Home with our students following the timetable as though they were at school.  We are delighted with the great learning that continues to happen, even if the location of that learning has shifted!  During the school closures, all King’s students are continuing their education doing Classes at Home. All King’s students will be able to get their credits and will be well prepared for the coming grade or, for our grads, for first year university. We are so grateful to our amazing faculty who are ensuring that all classes are being held every day at the regular times by using virtual meetings, Microsoft Teams, phone calls, texts, and emails.

“I just want to mention again how successful the ‘Classes At Home’ learning has been for my son and daughter. It was seamless and we are all very pleased. Thank you to you and all the staff!!”Angie