King’s College School’s Response to COVID-19

King’s transitioned from classes in our school house to ‘Classes at Home’ right after March Break.  Our students have been keeping to their regular timetables, checking in for attendance,  meeting with their teachers face-to-face virtually at the start of every class, and working together collaboratively. 

  • Through online videoconferencing, our English classes have been reading Shakespeare together.
  • Our French classes have spent time speaking French to each other,  and our philosophy and anthropology classes have hotly debated their favourite topics.
  • Our science and math teachers  have been sharing their screens and the virtual white boards to help students through math, physics, chemistry and biology problems.
  • The economics classes have spent every Friday afternoon virtually discussing the huge economic impacts of COVID-19 – living through unprecedented times of fiscal and monetary policy measures – and learning about economics in real time.
  • Our art teacher has used a hover camera, hovering above his desk while he demonstrates art techniques to his classes, and has organized virtual meetings with the professional artists that our students have been studying for King’s students to show him their work and ask them questions.
  • Our music teacher has set up one-on-one meetings with his students for them to demonstrate their musical talent as they maintain their practice log at home
  • And so many more stories: Spirit Weeks continue, a virtual Baking Club has started, we have a Pun of the Day Club and on and on!
  • School has carried on, and learning has happened!  We are so proud of the dedication of our staff, the conscientiousness of our students, and the co-operation of our families all working together to ensure that very productive learning has continued to happen at King’s during the time of COIVD-19 without any content or social loss.

Our Plans for the Fall:

King’s classes will resume, as usual, the day after Labour Day – this year, on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.  Due to COVID-19 and the threat of a possible second wave, it remains uncertain how schools will be allowed to operate in the Fall, but at King’s we will be running face-to-face virtual Classes at Home and, if and when allowed, in-school classes concurrently. This will allow families who may have vulnerable family members and who would prefer not to send their child to a physical school to know that their student can continue with their education at home while still being fully participative members of their class.