Faculty and Staff

John Eta

Founder, Head of School

To be able to make a magnificent difference in the world is my life's purpose.  I was raised in Cameroon, West Africa, and came from two houses of chiefs - one on my mother's side and one on my father's side - both of whom believed in being contributors to our shared world, not takers from our world.  As I was growing up, the question that I was always asked was "what have you added to the world today?", and this is the question that I always ask the students at King's.  I came to Canada to attend the University of Toronto and graduated with a B. Sc. and Certificate in Public Health and a Masters in Social Work.  I believe that we can, always, anywhere, regardless of our age, make our shared world a better place, and that is what King's is all about.

Barbara Lord

Founder & Principal

I absolutely love seeing young minds waking up to the wider world and starting to sparkle as they make connections.  The continuous achievement of 'aha' moments is endlessly joyful and renewing. I love the relationship of mutual caring, respect, and deep affection that exists between the adults and the children at King's.  We become a large, extended family with many adults - teacher and parents together - working to raise each child to become the very best that he or she can possibly be.  Prior to founding King's, I worked as an economist with Wood Gundy Ltd. and as a market research analyst with Philips Electronics; then founded my own business consulting company working with companies such as Fisher Price Toys, Sunbeam Electronics, and GSW Water Heaters.

Robert Mitchner

Maths, Sciences (Chemistry & Physics), Business, Politics and Law

I teach at King's as it allows me the freedom to explore the world with the students.  Students are highly motivated and eager to develop the leadership and knowledge skills that they will need in life and I love being a part of their development - to guide them in their journey. Prior to teaching at King's I was the Director of International Marketing for a high-tech Canadian company involved with manufacturing explosive detectors.

Caitlyn Robinson ’02

English. History, Geography, Civics, and Physical Education

After some really great high school years, I graduated from King's College School in 2002 and moved to Kitchener-Waterloo to continue my education at Wilfrid Laurier University. There I majored in English and minored in History, graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts. After Wilfrid Laurier, I attended Montessori Teacher's College, graduating the following year, and accepting a teaching position at a Montessori school as a lower elementary teacher where I taught until having my first child. I am delighted to return to my alma mater, King's College School, where I teach Lower School English, Grade 9 and 10 Geography, History, Civics, English and Physical Education

Laura Bassaragh

Math, Science, Administrative Assistant

I am a graduate of Niagara University's Master's of Education program and have a Bachelor in English, Philosophy and Classical Civilization from the University of Toronto. I believe all children can flourish in academics with the right nurturing and guidance, which is something I found to be missing in other schools. At King's the staff put all their efforts into the independent excellence within each student, offering personalized support and curriculum that will cater to each students' own learning process. I also am a part of the administrative team at King's, keeping the website updated, assisting in marketing, community and family events. The King's staff, students, and parents quickly become integrated into one big community supporting one another, making King's stand out far above any other institution.

Jason Dinnick

History and Geography

I am a recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award and have volunteered with Scouts Canada for over ten years, achieving several training, first aid, survival, and service awards during that time. I love working with young people and have a special passion for English and History. I enjoy helping the young students at King's acquire a firm grasp on all the fundamentals of English - grammar, spelling, literature, and composition, and love the joy and imagination that the students at King's bring to their learning.

Gina Speranzi


I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelors of Science in Education with my focus in secondary history and social studies education. Throughout high school and university, I developed and nurtured a passion for learning French, Spanish, and Italian. Upon completion of my degree, I moved to South Korea where I had the opportunity to teach a variety of subjects, learn the Korean language and culture, and travel throughout Southeast Asia. After moving to Canada, I became a member of the Ontario College of Teachers and completed additional course work in English language and literature. I truly enjoy being a member of the King's College family. I feel I am a part of a positive and nurturing environment in which students take an integral role in their learning.

Suzanne Bonus

Art, Drama, Music and Careers

I am a graduate of Concordia University in Montreal in Art Education. I have been a practicing potter for more than ten years, have taught art for 20 years, and have a grasp of a wide-range of media skills and techniques. I really like the family feeling and the freedom at King's College due to the small class sizes, to bring out the creative potential of each child. My passion is to bring out the artist in each student through painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, mixed media or drama.

Dennis Hahn

Music Enrichment

I teach music to the students at King’s College.  I enjoy introducing students to the art of music and guiding them as they discover and develop their musical talents and abilities. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in music theory from the University of Guelph, and an A.R.C.T. diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Piano Performance.  I play a wide variety of instruments found in a concert band and have both played in and lead several ensembles.  For over fifteen years, I have taught elementary school band programs in the private school sector.  I am also a choral director of both adult and youth choirs, and currently direct the Theatre Orangeville Youth Singers show choir. I have played keyboard and electric guitar in several bands and have toured with some of Canada’s best rock bands. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with the students at King’s College and believe that an education in music truly does make one better suited for all things.

Gabriella Klein

On Sabbatical for the 2016-17 School Year

I absolutely love everything that happens at King's! I love the interactions with the kids, the staff, and the unique and challenging environment in which it all takes place.  I have learned so much here. I am making, and I can help others make, a difference.  Prior to King's I worked for ten years as an exploration geologist in Val d'Or, Quebec - compiling data, evaluations, drill programs etc. I also worked for several years at the CEGEP in Val d'Or as an adult education Spanish teacher.

Sandra Donovan

Director of Admissions

I am a graduate of the Concurrent Education program at Queen's University, and for many years I was a Junior/Intermediate teacher with The Toronto District School Board. I am an active member of the community and have dedicated thousands of hours as a volunteer at my children's schools.  I have been President of the King's College Parents' Association for the past 4 years.
King's is such a wonderful place to be. I love the relationships that develop between staff, family members, and students.  As the Director of Admissions, I am excited about working with new families and helping them embrace the King's philosophy. Together we can truly make a difference in our children's lives!